Australia 2020 $1 4 Coin Uncirculated Set Eureka! Australia's Gold Rush Mintmark & Privy Mark


The Australian gold rushes led to the development of modern Australia, but life on the goldfields could be harsh. The remote desert landscapes of Western Australia needed supplies, and camels were ideal for the job. Camels were imported into Australia by ‘Afghan’ cameleers, and were crucial to WA’s gold industry. We honour the hardy camels and their enterprising cameleers with this 2020 mintmark and privy mark four coin set.


A mintmark is a mark on the original die indicating the location where that coin was struck. For example C is for the city of Canberra which is the location where the coin was struck.

Privy Mark

Privy Marks are struck using a modified die to include a letter or symbol commemorating a special release or event. The privy mark will consist of a letter or symbol inside a square. For example: