Tuvalu 2019 $2 Golden Abacus Insert 2oz Silver Antiqued Perth Mint


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  • Antique finish
  • 99.99% pure silver
  • Abacus insert
  • The Abacus is 24 carat gold plated
  • 2,500 Made
  • Latex Display case
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The abacus is one of a series of extremely collectable and innovative coins with moving parts. This 2oz antiqued silver coin is a tribute to the development of commerce and  has an operational abacus. The coin's reverse design shows travellers riding camels along the Silk Road and traded items such as pottery, silk, plants, paper, fragrances and spices are represented in the foreground. Also included in the design is The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark. The Abacus coin is housed in a latex display case and accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The Silk Road connected China, the Middle East and Europe and served as a centre for world trade for thousands of years and is often associated with the abacus, the first known portable counting device. Merchants used the wooden counting frame to keep track of goods being bought and sold and the abacus is still used in China today and connects us to a significant period in history.