Niue 2022 $5 Elizabeth I 2oz Silver Coloured Antique High Relief Coin


The Lithuanian Mint has created a series of coins -‘Women’, to honour the most prominent and who have become global inspirations. Here is the first coin in the series – dedicated to one of the most famous English monarchs, Elizabeth I. 

Sometimes referred to as the Virgin Queen, the Queen of England and Ireland reigned from 1558 to her death in 1603. Although she received many marriage proposals, Elizabeth I remained unwed, hence her nickname. The advisors to the Queen played a major role in her environment – Elizabeth I gladly listened to them, discussed matters with them, and made the most important decisions about the ruling of the country together. One of the advisors was the well-known alchemist John Dee, a scholar who was said to speak the language of the angels. At some point during Elizabeth’s reign, he was even a personal astrologer to the Queen.

To show the noble, bright and courageous personality of this ruler, we have created a collectible coin of spectacular beauty. On the reverse side, the portrait of the queen is adorned with a natural white diamond that signifies the clarity and purity of the feminine nature, as well as the sharpness of mind. The coin is made according to state-of-the-art minting technologies, such as high relief and digital printing. This beautiful coin carries  the message that women are  courageous, exceptional and strong rulers. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.



Silver Ag 999


62.2 g


50 mm


Antique Finish


Digital Printing, High Relief


Natural Diamond



Face value

5 Dollars Niue


Lithuanian Mint