Tuvalu 2023 $1 Aurora Borealis 1oz Colour .9999 Silver Proof Perth Mint


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  • The Northern Lights in 1oz of 99.99% PURE SILVER!
  • Proof quality
  • Digital Colour minting!
  • Limited mintage set at 2,000 coins worldwide
  • Struck by the Perth Mint.
  • Official Tuvalu legal tender
  • 40.90mm diameter!
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The 2023 $1 Aurora Borealis 1oz Silver Proof Coin is a luminary masterpiece inspired by nature’s greatest show - the Northern Lights. This ethereal stunner will beckon numismatic collectors and nature lovers alike with its captivating beauty, exclusivity, and precious metal content. Take this opportunity to light up your collection!

Aurora Borealis is a mesmarising phenomenon where coloured bands of light dance across the canvas of the northern polar sky. Nordic legend imagined that these multi-coloured celestial tendrils were the pathway between the mortal realm and the spirit world. As beautiful a thought as that may be, this marvel has a rather dramatic scientific explanation.

The effect is produced when energized particles from the Sun slam into Earth's upper atmosphere at speeds of over 72 million kilometers per hour! As Earth’s magnetic field redirects the particles toward the poles, the process is transformed into the cinematic atmospheric phenomenon we know as the Aurora Borealis in the North and the Aurora Australis in the South.

A gleaming testament to this spectacle of cosmic proportions, the 2023 $1 Aurora Borealis 1oz Silver Proof Coin, has been designed with meticulous artistry, expertly depicting the kaleidoscope of shimmering hues across the night sky. The large 40.90mm flan reveals streaks of dark and light blue hues, like the brushstrokes of the cosmos, converging atop a peaceful Scandinavian wilderness – rendered in stunning relief. The lustrous 99.99% PURE SILVER surface reflects a celestial glow, immaculately capturing the vibrant energy of this magical phenomenon.

More Information
Country of Issue Tuvalu
Year of Issue 2023
Denomination $1
Weight (g) 31.1070
Mintage 2000
Metal Silver
Metal Purity (%) 99.99
Quality Proof
Diameter (mm) 40.00