Cameroon 2023 2000 Francs CFA CAPOEIRA Rebel Time 2 Oz Antique Silver Coloured Coin

  • Due in Stock End of January 2024

The first coin signifies the launch of Rebel Time, a series that will look at some of the most famous rebellions in history. The choice of subject for the debut is an unusual one, and it’s a pleasure to see someone bringing new subjects to life in numismatic form. The end of slavery in Brazil is featured, and done so symbolically, using the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira as a metaphor.

It’s more of a celebration of the downtrodden people in the country, many of whom continue to struggle in the favelas, in extreme poverty. We feel this coin series will be more about the feelings of hope that inspired these rebellions, rather than the historical facts of them, clearly seen on the very unusual obverse design. Clearly a lot of time and passion went into the thought behind the design.

This is a two-ounce range, and packs in the usual features of high-relief (on both sides), and an antique finish. The touch of colour on the macaw is nicely done, and well restrained. We’ve had preliminary information on the next two coins, and this looks to be a potentially excellent series. A neat launch coin.

REVERSE: On the left side, among the Amazon jungle, we see three Capoeiras playing instruments, from the left playing the Atabaque, the Berimbau (“sacred bow”) and the Pandeiro. The battery (“Orchestra”) sets the rhythm for competition between Capoeiras.

The man performs a high spinning Martelo kick, and the woman gracefully avoids his attack using the Negativa technique. This competition is a metaphor for the struggle between the elements of water and fire. Eventually, it was concluded that both were necessary for life to exist. This metaphor emphasizes that competition does not always have to result in defeating the other side, but can lead to understanding and respect for differences between people, cultures or ideas. Capoeiras competition take place in a circle called Roda (“Wheel of Life, which represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth).

At the top, is the back of the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Symbolically, the statue of Jesus with its back turned reflects the demoralization of life, reminding us of the need for internal transformation and striving for moral values such as love, respect, kindness and care for others. It is also a hope for redemption and reconciliation, even in situations where it seems impossible.

On the right, the Favelas are a symbol of social inequality, poverty and lack of equal opportunities in access to education, work and housing. Favelas also symbolize the lack of control and limited powers of the state. On the other hand, favelas also have their own unique lifestyle and culture, which can be seen as a symbol of social strength and resilience, despite difficult living conditions.

Below, we see slave-working women and men from colonial times. We refer the symbol of slavery in Brazil to the general context of the fight for freedom, equality and justice around the world. Slavery was a violation of basic human rights and a manifestation of the absolute power of some people over others.

Overall, the slave symbol on the Rebel Time series coin is intended to remind us of the need to fight for freedom, equality and justice for all people. It also reminds us that as a society, we must work to protect human rights and avoid abuses of power.

At the bottom is a macaw parrot, this intelligent, independent and brave bird, with strong and durable features, is a symbol of tenacity and determination in the fight for freedom, hope and emancipation.



Title: Capoeira

Series: Rebel Time

Year of issue: 2023

Issuing country: Cameroon

Face value: 2000 Francs CFA

Metal: Silver

Purity: Ag .999

Weight: 2 oz

Diameter: 50.00 mm

Finish: Antiqued

Special: Ultra-high relief, UV printing

Mintage: 500 pcs only

CoA: Yes

Box: Yes

Availability: March 2024