WORLD FIRST by MINT OF POLAND- UFO FLYING COIN! Cameroon 2024 1766 Francs CFA UFO MP-1766 7oz .999


Space premiere - the Mint of Poland has created the world's first flying coin!

  • Due for Release in June/July 2024.

  • Only 510 will be made!

The Mint of Poland has created the world's first coin that floats in the air. The authors of the pioneering UFO MP-1766 project were inspired by the slogan 'The sky is not the limit'. The international premiere of the coin took place during the Technical Forum in Berlin, held as part of the prestigious industry event World Money Fair 2024. The Mint's original solution aroused great interest among experts and fair participants.

 The first and only flying coin in the world

The UFO MP-1766 coin confirmed that the Mint of Poland, not without reason, is currently considered to be one of the most innovative in the world - it consistently sets trends and creates a market benchmark.

 Named UFO MP-1766 due to its likeness to a science-fiction spaceship and in reference to the year the mint was founded, the coin also glows in the dark thanks to the use of fluorescent paint

"Our coin is a result of the hard work of a wide group of Mint of Poland experts, who can carry out the most ambitious concepts. We set the UFO in motion thanks to a motor hidden inside of the coin. The electromagnetic field generated between a special base and the aforementioned motor creates a tunnel in which our spacecraft floats in the air. Presented at the Technical Forum in Berlin, the coin is a prototype. The MP-1766 UFO will probably reach a wider audience in the second quarter of this year" - Łukasz Karda, Director of the Technical and Production Planning Department at the Mint of Poland.