Cameroon 2024 2000 Francs CFA ERIC THE RED The Way to Valhalla 2 oz Antique Silver Coin


Is the Second release from the Way to Valhalla series, also includ:

  • 2024 - RAGNAR (Free collector book includ)
  • 2024 - ERIC THE RED

Capture their spirit in a meticulously crafted MINT XXI coin collection, as timeless as the cold legends of the North. Collect the entire adventurous saga in one place and delve into an era of epic tales and indomitable spirits. The designer tablet is exclusively offered as a gift with the purchase of the first coin of The Way to Valhalla collection.

Set sail with 'Erik the Red', the second coin in the 'The Way to Valhalla' series by MINT XXI. Clad in the tempest of exploration and conquest, the coin captures the Viking chieftain in his most formidable guise: axe in hand, a raven companion, and his gaze as piercing as the cold northern seas. Enhanced with digital printing that breathes fire into his red beard and hair, and sculpted in high relief, it showcases the might of his arms. Banished from Iceland, he sailed beyond the edge of the known world to Greenland, founding the first Norse settlements amidst ice and stone.

Venture into the silver saga of Erik the Red's adventurous life with the spirit of exploration and the courage to forge new paths.

On the mystical land of the North, where rugged landscapes meet the endless sea, a new story emerges. The world of the Viking warriors, where blood runs like rivers and battles echo through the ages. Here, the bravest of the brave can find The Way to Valhalla — a celestial realm of fallen Vikings welcomed by Odin himself.

The Way to Valhalla unveils a mysterious saga of fierce and courageous Vikings and their adventures leading them to everlasting glory. Feel the pulsating rhythm of their hearts as they sail across treacherous seas, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of their destiny. With each swing of their mighty axes, the air crackles, carrying the taste of triumph.

With a thrilling 12-edition journey ahead, The Way to Valhalla series immerses you into the heart of the Viking world, where the air is permeated with fascinating stories of Scandinavian myths.

Collect the entire adventurous saga in one place and delve into an era of epic tales and indomitable spirits. As an exclusive offer, receive a designer tablet with the purchase of the first coin from The Way to Valhalla collection.

 Country: Cameroon

  • Year: 2024
  • Face Value: 2000 francs
  • Metal: Silver
  • Fineness (purity): .999
  • Diameter (mm): 50
  • Weights (g): 62.2 (2 Oz)
  • Quality: Antique Finish
  • Mintage (pcs): 500
  • Certificate COA: Yes
  • Presentation case (box): Yes
  • Free Collector book: Yes