Cameroon 2024 2000 Francs CFA TREASURE ISLAND 2oz .999 Silver


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This coin is dedicated to adventures, secrets, and camaraderie. The entire pirate adventures story is encapsulated within the coin, filled with elements of tension, action, and intrigue. Picture fierce battles, with swords clashing and cannons roaring, as each pirate fights tooth and nail for the coveted riches. Amidst the chaos and danger, alliances are forged and betrayals revealed. Friendships are tested, and loyalties questioned.

Experience a rush of excitement as our pirate protagonist uncovers a golden treasure on this intricately designed collectible coin. Take a look at the eyes of the other pirates — what emotions are captured in the coin! Traps laid by ancient guardians, puzzles hidden in the jungle, and the ever-present threat of betrayal test their resolve at every turn. But will they prevail against such seduction? The treasure depicted on the coin looks amazing. Selective gilding, attention to details looks impressively stunning. Fortune favors the brave…

Treasure Island Coin is a true work of professional art. High relief, impressive detailing, segmental gilding, and attention to details will take you on an impressive journey!

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this legendary adventure, with only 500 minted. The obverse of the coin features the denomination of 5 dollars and the official seal of Niue.