Chad 2021 5000 Francs Bull Shaped 1oz Antiqued Silver High Relief Coin


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Year: 2021
Finish: Antiqued
Feature: High Relief, Shaped
Fineness: .999
Denomination: 5,000 Francs (CFA)
Actual Weight: 1 troy oz
Gross Weight: 31.103 grams
Dimensions: 70 x 39 mm
Mintage: 2,500


The 2021 Chad 1 oz Silver Bull Shaped Antiqued High Relief Coin is a  high relief coin with amazing detail and dynamism. It consists of .999 fine silver and weighs 1 troy oz. This bull-shaped coin has a limited mintage of 2,500. 

The bull-shaped coin captures the sentiment of a bull market, whereas the silver Bear-Shaped coin represents the opposite. The bull is a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, and it is the subject of a famous sculpture situated in NYC near Bowling Green. Bulls have long been associated with the economic market as an outlook of optimism for the future regarding a particular sector, industry, company, or commodity. When someone says they are bullish on something, they are confident that it will do well for a certain amount of time. Conversely, the bear is the opposite where people are pessimistic about the economic growth of a given investment. A bear market is when prices decline over an extended period of time, but a bull market is a period of continued upward movement.