Niue 2022 $1 Platypus 1oz Coloured Silver Proof Coin

  • Certificate Number is not necessarily the number you will receive
  • Tribute to the Australian Platypus
  • Struck to  proof quality
  • 99.9% pure silver
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • 38.60mm diameter
  • Only 1000 minted
  • plush case
  • Certificate of Authenticity!

We are thrilled to present the 2022 $1 1oz Platypus Silver Proof Coin, a numismatic masterpiece that is as fascinating and precious as the extraordinary animal it celebrates – the Australian platypus!

Proof that mother nature works in mysterious ways, this egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed MAMMAL is Australia’s most unique inhabitant – and it’s venomous too! Grabbing headlines as an elaborate ‘hoax’ when it was first discovered by European naturalists in 1798, the platypus is a menagerie of diverse creatures rolled into one! It gets its name from the Greek “platys”, meaning flat and “pous”, meaning foot. Indigenous peoples have many different names for this creature and according to one legend the platypus was the result of the union of a young female duck with a very persuasive water-rat!

Adding to its unusual list of talents and phenomenal characteristics, platypuses, like sharks, possess electrolocation, which means they can detect electric signals from their prey underwater. They can also, mysteriously, glow blueish-green under fluorescent light because of an ability called biofluorescence. Very few animals on earth are known to have this capability and the platypus is the only mammal that displays this trait!

Like the platypus, this masterful Niue legal tender coin displays a fantastic fusion of features on the imposing 38.6mm flan. Deploying the latest minting technology to create a spectacular tableau you won’t be able to tear your eyes from! Struck to Proof quality, the reverse features two platypuses in their natural semi-aquatic environment. The detailed design showcases the platypuses’ astounding features in PURE 99.9 SILVER. The full- colour background of vivid underwater hues is semi-transparent in places, allowing the sparkling silver to shine through - to magical effect!

As rare as it is beautiful, only 1,000 of these must-have coins have been issued worldwide – a strictly limited edition, underpinned by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Country of Issue Niue
Year of Issue 2022
Denomination $1
Mintage 1000
Metal Silver
Metal Purity (%) 99.90
Quality Proof
Diameter (mm) 38.60