Niue 2023 $100 Great Australian Desert 1oz .9999 Gold Platinum Plated Proof Coin


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  • In Stock October 2023

  • 1oz of 99.99% pure gold
  • Platinum Plating
  • 99 Coins Mintage
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • Diameter 38.6mm
  • Set within a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Introducing a coin as rich as the land it celebrates, an Australian adventure in gleaming gold! The 2023 $100 Great Australian Desert 1oz Gold Proof coin is unlike anything you have seen before… The Great Australian desert, or ‘outback’, stretches across the heart of Australia in a seemingly limitless expanse of gold and red sand dunes that hold many scared places for the Aboriginal people. An ancient and awe-inspiring landscape, characterised by rugged terrain, mesmarising rock formations and unique wildlife. Situated in our continent’s remote, arid interior, and far north, the outback conceals a wealth of riches, including gold and semi-precious gems.

    Nature’s bounty extends to the many unique Aussie animals that call the Great Australian Desert home, including kangaroos, wallabies, emus and more. Not a place for the timid, the outback hosts some of the world’s most dangerous inhabitants, including the Inland Taipan - often cited as the Earth’s most venomous snake. Now you too can add a sizzling piece of the Australian outback to your collection. The 2023 $100 Great Australian Desert 1oz Gold Proof coin perfectly encapsulates Australia’s core in 1 oz of 99.99% PURE GOLD. You can almost feel the heat radiating off the exquisite reverse, populated with bounding kangaroos and a frighteningly realistic Inland Taipan. The ancient landscape of sand and rock is rendered in stunning relief – contrasting magnificently against the sparkling sky, selectively plated in pure platuinum.