Niue 2022 $100 Earth From Above 1oz 99.99% Gold Proof Coin

  • Earth and Europe reflected in an Astronaut’s visor.
  • 1oz of 99.99% Pure Gold
  • Proof quality
  • Innovative high-gloss minting technique
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • Diameter 38.6mm
  • Worldwide mintage 99 coins
  • Set in a luxe case
  • Certificate of Authenticity- Certificate number may differ from the one shown.

Expand your horizons with our latest celestial release! The 2022 $100 Earth from Above 1oz 99.99% Gold Proof coin celebrates the most awe-inspiring view in our galactic neighborhood, our beautiful planet Earth from the vastness of space. An extremely exclusive coin, heightened by an awe-inspiring design in sublime gold. Collectors will be on a mission to own one! Silence, weightlessness and nothing but the unparalleled view of our exquisite planet, illuminated by starlight. This is the breath-taking perspective appreciated by a lucky few… until now!

The reverse of this 38.6mm Niue legal tender masterpiece reveals the stunning reflection of our precious planet in an astronaut’s visor – a perspective both unique and humbling. We’re sure you’ll agree that when viewed from above, there’s no place like home! Loose yourself in the vastness of space and the sumptuous luster of 99.99% PURE GOLD – meticulously
struck to Proof quality. Intricately detailed, the phenomenal view of Europe and Asia contrasts spectacularly with the bright metal. Enhanced with an innovative lacquer minting technique, the high-gloss effect allows the astronaut’s visor to shine like glass.

Only 99 of the most discerning collectors on the planet will be lucky enough to own this unique coin! Presented in a luxe box with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, demand will be astronomical.