Tuvalu 2021 $5 Fu Lu Shou 5 Oz Silver Antiqued

This amazing coin portrays coloured images of Fu, Lu and Shou surrounding a yin yang symbol. In traditional Chinese culture, Fu, Lu and Shou represent the gods of three auspicious heavenly bodies. Collectively known as Sanxing, or Three Stars, their human forms embody attributes considered essential to personal happiness – prosperity, success and longevity.
  • 5 oz of  9999/1000 antiqued silver 
  • $5 Legal Tender
  • Celebrates Chinese deities Fu, Lu and Shou
  • Coloured and antiqued finishes
  • Extremely Low Mintage of 388 coins worldwide 

Fu, the embodiment of prosperity, is represented as a learned man holding a baby. The artistry, including peonies, a symbol of wealth, is accompanied by the Chinese character for ‘Fu’. Lu, the embodiment of success, is represented as a mandarin. The artistry, including a ruyi, his ceremonial sceptre, and a boat-shaped gold ingot known as a syce, is accompanied by the Chinese character for ‘Lu’. Shou, the embodiment of longevity, is shown as a wise old man with a high forehead. The artistry, including his crooked staff and the peach of immortality, is accompanied by the Chinese character for ‘Shou’.

The intricate background composition comprising many motifs auspicious in Chinese culture, including bats, clouds, gourds, deer and cranes, is ‘antiqued’ for the appearance of an ancient artefact.