Ghana 2024 10 Cedis Mercury Solar System 2 oz Antique Silver Coin Stand & Removable Lepidolite Planet Mercury


MERCURY Solar System 2 oz Antique finish Silver Coin 10 Cedis Ghana 2024

This piece is part of a Solar System Series, also includ:

2024 - EARTH

2024 - MERCURY

2024 - MARS

and available soon.

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun and Moon

Next stop on the Solar System journey: Mercury. This silver 2 oz numismatic artwork is paired with a 35 mm Lepidolite sphere, whose subtle, shimmering shades of lilac echo the mysterious Mercury. The surface of Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, is known for its extreme temperature fluctuations. It can visually change colors, reflecting the intense heat contrast between its day and night. The coin's reverse is beautifully enhanced with digital gilding, which highlights Mercury's astronomical symbol with a radiant sheen. The stark beauty of the smallest planet in the Solar System embodies the intrigue of exploring the unknown, capturing both the harsh conditions and the compelling allure of Mercury.

Each premium coin set comes encased in designer packaging, created to resemble planetary orbits revolving around the sun. Inside the packaging, the layout is meticulously arranged to separate the coin and the crystal sphere. The coin serves as a stand for the sphere, creating a stunning display together.