Niue 2023 $1 Great Australian Desert Rose Gold Plated 1oz .999 Silver Proof Coin


  • The ‘outback’ 
  • 1oz of 99.9% PURE SILVER,
  • ROSE GOLD.Plating
  • Mintage of 1,500 coins!
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • 38.6mm Diameter
  • Set within a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The 2023 $1 Great Australian Desert 1oz Silver Proof coin – an extraordinary numismatic work of art that captures the great red heart of Australia in all its glory. A sizzling hot testament to the wide-open spaces, unique landscape, and animal kingdom that exist in only one place on earth – the Great Australian Desert. Underpinned by precious metal purity, breathtaking design, and enviable exclusivity, this is your chance to bring a piece of Australia’s ‘outback’ into your collection!

Buzz Aldrin once remarked that the deserts in Australia were similar to where humanity may one day venture on Mars. The Great Australian desert, or ‘outback’, stretches across the arid interior of Australia - a varied collection of magnificent rock outcroppings juxtaposed with stark, ‘red’ sands, that lend the landscape an otherworldly aura. At once harsh and beautiful, this ancient land has been home to Australia’s Aboriginal people for upwards of 50,000 years! The incomparable sense of space is witness to some of the most unique animals on earth, including kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and more dangerous inhabitants like the Inland Taipan.

Perfectly translated from sand to 1oz PURE SILVER, our latest legal tender coin has it all. The red sands of the Great Australian Desert are innovatively recreated with selective rose gold plating in an impeccable Proof-quality strike! Silver kangaroos bound across the expanse of the sparkling reverse as a beautifully detailed Taipan snake lies in wait, and the sun radiates rose gold across the flan. An extraordinary coin, reserved for the lucky few! This desert dream in silver and rose gold is part of a strictly limited mintage of just 1,500 coins worldwide - handsomely presented and complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.