KOMSCO South Korea 2024 SWORD OF SAINT GABRIEL (Single handed Sword) - Angel Sword 2.5 oz .999 Antique Silver Stacker


The Second release from the Angel Sword Series, also includes:

  • 2024 - SWORD OF SAINT GABRIEL (Single handed Sword)

This beautiful Silver medal is dedicated to the figure of Saint Gabriel and, more specifically, to his amazing and powerful Sword, believed to possess spiritual properties, capable of cutting through any negativity or darkness and bringing light and positivity. The medal is shaped, with beautiful details in High Relief and an Antique Finish quality. It comes in a capsule.

  • 2024 2.5 oz South Korea Sword of Saint Gabriel Silver 
  • Contains 2.5 troy ounces of .999 fine silver
  • The obverse{ an intricate and profoundly symbolic representation of Saint Gabriel's Sword, a symbol of positivity and a force against darkness.
  • The reverse: clear and precise details of the Stackablel's weight, purity, year of minting, and country of origin.
  • Antiqued finish
  • Encased n a sturdy capsule, preserving its pristine state.