Niue 2022 $1 Earth From Above 1oz 99.9% Silver Proof Coin

  • Space-themed coin showing Italy and Europe reflected in an Astronaut's visor!
  • 1oz of 99.9% Pure Silver
  • Proof quality
  • Innovative lacquer minting technique / high gloss effect.
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • Diameter 38.6mm
  • Worldwide mintage of 999 coins
  • Set in a luxe case
  • Certificate of Authenticity

“We do not realise what we have on Earth until we leave it.” Tim Lovell, Astronaut

A majestic new coin is about to enter your orbit! Blast off with our latest astronomical release, celebrating the singular beauty of planet Earth from the unique vantage point of space. Exclusive, precious and inspired, this Niue legal tender stunner is a must for your collection!

This out-of-this-world Proof quality design is all about perspective! A ‘helmet with a view’ gives us a rare glimpse of the Earth, revealing a whole new world from a rare and privileged vantage point – the reflection in an astronaut’s visor. Struck from 99.9% PURE SILVER, the details of the astronaut’s helmet are spectacularly rendered. The gleaming silver contrasts magically with the rich hues of the heavens. The continents are magnificently lit up in the darkness and enhanced with an innovative lacquer minting technique that results in a high-gloss effect, allowing the astronaut’s visor to shine like glass.

The chance to view our planet from the infinite vastness of space is reserved for only a lucky few, and so is owning this coin! Limited to a mintage of only 999 worldwide, this exclusive numismatic work of art is presented in a luxe box with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.