Niue 2023 $1 Chess King 1oz .999 Silver Black Proof Coin


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  • Proof quality
  • 1oz pure 99.9% Silver 
  • Black Proof finish
  • Limited edition of 999 coins
  • Official Niue legal tender
  • 38.6mm in diameter
  • Presented within a case
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity


The king of coins, this legal tender masterpiece is a spectacular ode to one of the oldest and most universally played games on Earth – chess! Set to reign supreme over your collection, this standout silver coin celebrates the most important piece in the game, the king. A checkmate is all but guaranteed with a phenomenal fusion of features including the purest precious metal content, an eye-catching design, and a unique Black Proof finish.

Chess has a rich history and has evolved many times to reach its modern form. Thought to have originated from a war game known as ‘chaturanga’, or ‘shatranj’, popular in southern parts of central Asia after 600 BC, chess spread to Europe via the Byzantine and Arabian Empires. ‘The king’ became the largest game piece, acquiring the ability to move one step in every direction on the board to capture any of the opponent's pieces that are standing in any square surrounding him.

The regal design on the reverse of this 1oz 99.9% PURE SILVER coin is a sublime celebration of this legendary chess piece! Elevated by a velvety Black Proof finish that exudes power and sophistication, the crowned king is featured holding a sword with the King Chess Piece at its hilt. The bright silver of the sword contrasts magnificently against the Black Proof background! The king’s attire features the chequered pattern of a chess board, as well as an elaborate dragon and lion on each shoulder. Important heraldic symbols, the lion is considered the ‘king of beasts’, and the dragon is an important symbol of royal authority.

A mintage of just 999 coins worldwide and beautifully presented within a case, complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.