Niue 2023 $5 Metal Bee Steampunk 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin


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Hard-working and wealth-bringing

Bees symbolise hard work and care, and success and wealth.  This is why bees are often portrayed on lucky charms presented to people to wish them good luck, prosperity, and wealth. Hard-working bees quickly accumulate wealth and success. On the latest coin from the Lithuanian Mint, the bee is portrayed to reflect its diverse qualities. The steampunk style makes the appearance of this bee unusual, and this is also emphasised by the vintage decorative elements on the coin.
A protector of meadows

Bees are also the protectors of plants and flowers and a symbol of care: bees carefully collect nectar from each flower. This is why the bee is shown on a flower, performing its mission. 

This stylish coin makes a perfect gift for people who like science fiction and vintage items and collect original articles. The latest coin in the series portraying the Metal Bee was produced from aged silver. High relief and a new technology developed for the Steampunk series, segment plating, were used to produce the coin. The obverse of the coin shows the 5-dollar denomination and the year 2023. The coin comes in a wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.
The artist of the coin is Louis Gibiard, a 20-year-old French artist with a unique talent – he creates masterpieces with a ballpoint pen and a piece of paper.