Niue 2024 $5 (Bubonic Plague) BLACK DEATH - HUMAN TRAGEDIES 2 oz .999 Silver


BLACK DEATH is  the Third release from the Human Tragedies series, also includ:

  • 2021 - CHERNOBYL
  • 2022 - HIROSHIMA
  • 2024 - BLACK DEATH
  • 2024 - FUKUSHIMA

Black Death – the third coin from the Human Tragedies series. The series depicts events that have shaken humanity. The Hiroshima and Chernobyl coins - previous in the collection - sold out in the blink of an eye!

The BlackDeath coin refers to one of the greatest epidemics, which in 1346 took a huge toll and reduced the population from 450 to 350 million. The reverse of the coin features a fragment of a characteristic mask worn by doctors of the plague-stricken, in whose lens is reflected a figure symbolizing the plague. Next to it, we see a wooden cart with people lying lifeless due to the ruthless disease.

The coin also bears the inscription Black Death 1346.

On the obverse of the coin, we see the danse macabre - an allegorical dance of death, expressing the equality of all people in the face of death. The coin is characterized by high relief. The mask's eyepiece is covered with UV printing and epoxy resin imitating glass. Some elements of the coin glow in the dark.

The Black Death epidemic erupted in Central Asia, from where it reached the Crimea via the Silk Road in 1346, and from there spread to the Mediterranean basin and all of Europe, likely carried by fleas parasitizing on brown rats inhabiting the trade ships of the time. It is estimated that the plague caused the death of 30–60% of the population of Europe at that time.

Globally, the population was reduced to 350–375 million and took 150 years to recover to pre-pandemic levels. The coin was minted in a limited edition, only 400 pieces worldwide. Its face value is $5, and the issuer is the island of Niue.

    • Denomination: $5
    • Country: Niue Island
    • Metal: Ag 999 Silver
    • Weight: 62,2 g (2oz)
    • Size: Ø 45 mm
    • Quality: Antique Finish
    • Additions: High Relief
    • Additions: Numbered Edge
    • Additions: Resin
    • Additions: Metallic UV Printing
    • Mintage: 400 pcs
    • Accessories: Certificate, Box
    • Series: Human Tragedies