Niue Island 2024 $5 The Batman DARK KNIGHT 2 Oz .999 Silver UHR 2.7mm UV Printing


The batman coin is an exceptional 2-ounce numismatic piece made of 999 fine silver. It impresses not only with an ultra-high relief of 2.7 mm thickness but also with a unique use of UV printing, adding depth and mystery.

On the reverse side of the coin, there is an image of Batman gazing into a challenging horizon. This is not only a tribute to the Batman but also an iconic motivation to face difficulties.

The coin featuring the Dark Knight is not just a small work of art but also a nod to a legendary pop culture icon. The Dark Knight of Gotham City, delivering justice even in the depths of night, reflects an attitude worth following.


Denomination: 5 $
Country: Niue Island
Metal: Ag 999
Weight: 62,2 g
Size: Ø 45 mm
Quality: Antique Finish
Additions: High Relief,
Numbered Edge, Selective Gold
Plating, 3D insert
Mintage: 300 pcs
Date Of Issue: 2024-01
Accessories: Certificate, Box
Availability: Available