Roman Booteen's Banksy Authorized Replica 1/10oz .999 Gold Original Silver Morgan Dollar


After 3 years of development, we offer you this masterpiece, an authorized replica of the eponymous coin made by the famous master hidden mechanism coin engraver Roman Booteen. With a great design and a 1/10 oz gold insert, this coin offers a very nice articulated relief with intricate gears and multiple mechanical parts that activate the hidden grinder. This piece is the best way to pass a note with the ability to self-destruct with just one finger. Each piece has its serial number laser engraved and is delivered in its box, accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity and a personalized display. Limited edition of 999 pcs worldwide.

Booteen's Banksy will include a custom box, special stand, certificate, and a few other bonuses that we may include with your final product. Expect the quality to be First Class, as anything else you have acquired from us in the past!

The Mystery of Banksy

Though no one is quite certain if he’s a man or a team of street artists, Banksy has mesmerized audiences, shocked the masses and befuddled law makers through three decades of graffiti, vandalism and other creative forms of activism.

The line he paints between art and vandalism is so blurred, in fact, that politicians are unsure if Banksy’s creations should be preserved as public art or condemned & removed like any other criminal eyesore.

Banksy: the Coin that Almost Shreds

But few parallels could be drawn as serendipitous as the result of the final Banksy coin. With engineering marvels like the Trap and Gold Bug behind him, one would think that no technical challenge could be too great for Booteen to overcome.

Whether it was the moderately successful destruction of Girl with Balloon that influenced the decision to wrap the project early, or just that the creative juices of the master began flowing in a new direction, Banksy is the Booteen coin that almost works. Even with months of design, technical drawings and calculations behind him, Booteen was unable to complete his masterpiece to a fully-functioning model.

Setting functionality aside, the design is a Booteen work of art at its finest. Intricately carved details and embellishments adorn the obverse, with tiny screws and rivets neatly hiding the coin’s secrets.

Hidden behind the replicated & fated frame, Booteen’s hand-made micro-shredder is powered by a thumb-wheel, intricately connected to the shredder by way of a series of tiny gears and wheels, normally used in the finest timepieces and wristwatches.

Always up for a challenge and seeing the unique opportunity to contribute to the success of Booteen’s work, Heads or Tales acquired both the coin and license for limited reproduction in 2019. Our goal is to pickup where the master left off, and create a limited edition collectible for fans worldwide to cherish and enjoy the way the master intended.

Each handmade Banksy features an original Morgan Dollar, modified to accommodate the intricate gears and other mechanical parts that activate the hidden shredder. It’s the perfect way to pass a note to an admirer or crush, with the ability for the tiny message to self-destruct with the mere flick of a fingertip. Roman’s tribute to Banksy’s Girl with Balloon is crafted from a quarter ounce of 9999 fine gold, ensuring the lasting value of this strictly limited heirloom. Each Banksy Coin ships in a custom Booteen box, and includes a tiny wooden easel for displaying this rare beauty.

  • Year: 2023
  • Includ: Morgan Original Silver Dollar
  • Includ: 1/10oz .999 Gold
  • Dimension: 38.1 x 4.4mm
  • Mintage: 999pcs
  • Box and Coa: Yes
  • Special stand Box includ
  • The Mint is working to add a little secret to this piece, the details will be kept secret until the delivery but confirms to us that the first buyers will be impressed by this addition